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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Storm not so bad here!

Well the snow storm was much milder than we expected.  The worst part of it is the cold.  It is down near zero and will be below zero by morning.  I am still working on my afghan and still looking for the white mohair yarn.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to need it now.  It is hard to get out and go to the only yarn shop in town.  It closes early and my daughter works 3  in the afternoon until 11:15 at night.  We are going to have to get out this weekend if we can and see if I can find some yarn.
My daughter and I go out on her free time and look for birds.  She is quite an authority on it and I really enjoy going with her.  We found a place a few months ago, just before  Winter started.  It is our favorite place now and we take that trip every chance we get.  We are surprised at how many colorful birds we have in this area.  It is hard in winter as a lot of them have migrated to other areas so we are looking forward to Spring when the weather gets warmer.  Last week we were amazed that there were so many pheasants in the field.  There was the western Meadow Lark, the Robin, and the blue bird too.  It was a complete surprise to see them as they are supposed to be the ones who migrate.  It wasn't very warm either.  We are learning a lot about these and others that we never were aware of before.
Well, I am not saying anything important now so I'd better quit and read my messages.  I'll talk again soon. 

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