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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blanket of Roses

I am crocheting an afghan that I have had on the drawing board since 1984.  i really love this afghan and I hope I have enough yarn to complete it.  The yarn is older too and is made up of Scheepjes Mohair 85%  Acrylic and 15 % Kid Mohair.  The picture of it is here too.  If I have enough yarn I will post the real one when it is finished. 
This afghan showed up in Woman's Day in 1984 and was offered as a kit.  I didn't have the pattern for it but was fortunate enough to get a copy of it from one of the women on the website  when I asked. My search went on for about five years. I never dreamed I would get the pattern and I checked with Bernat and Woman's Day and they had no information on it
and no record of it ever being in their files, so I'm assuming that it is in Public Domain by now. 
It is fun to do and is so colorful.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  

This is the yarn I'm using.  It is really soft and great to work with. 
Here is what I've completed so far.  

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  1. It's BEAUTIFUL! I don't know rather I like the pink or purple better! They're both gorgeous! Good job!